Another residential strip-out for the Labour Revolution skilled team. 4 weeks of stripping 8 bathrooms using our skilled demo team who come equipped with demo tools and a ute for rubbish removal. Then  onto the renovation where we send in our carpentry trade assistants to help make this project something to remember. Call us today if you need a skilled team to help tackle your project.



Manual excavation is a massive part of residential building sites around Sydney. There are so many sites with tight access which prevents machinery from getting the job done. In this case just like this site shown here, Labour Revolution can provide high numbers of labourers to get all that material from the back of the site to the skip. We can supply buckets and shovels and extremely hard workers which will result in the completion of the task at practically the same, if not less of the cost of a machine and the driver. Call us today if your site needs our help.



Do you have a project that requires skilled labour? We can supply you with experienced trade assistants that can help you no matter what trade you’re in. As you can see on this project, we have three skilled labourers helping a very happy client build a metal and timber deck as part of a new classroom at a local school. By hiring our three skilled labourers, the builder has had the time to focus on the overall picture rather than getting bogged down on the little tasks which we know happens all too often. This way the project will finish on time and with little hassle. Call us today!



Strip outs can be touchy….especially when you need to avoid damage to surrounding features…..Thats why Labour Revolution are the go to company for High End Residential strip outs. We Supply Sydney builders with the most experienced demolition and strip out labourers that have the highest respect for safety and care when it comes to your project. Just like this strip out in Mosman we can get your strip out completed on time with no hassle or worry. On this particular project the client was extremely satisfied with the amount of work carried out in such little time and was also impressed by the quality of the work.  



This 2 storey, $1.8 million renovation has kept 3 of our best demolition labourers very busy. The goal was to strip existing timber floor boards, brick walls and timber wall cladding.

We’re very close to completing this stage of the project and have done so in great fashion. In the next stage we’ll be sending some carpentry trade assistants to help rebuild and renovate this luxury home.



Over the past week Labour Revolution has been working on a very picturesque site on Sydney Harbour.

The task at hand was to filter out foreign debris that couldn’t be recycled, plus act as spotters for machine operators.

We’ll continue to work on this site until the entire space has been demolished and removed.

As always the client is very happy with our labourers work ethic and high regard for safety.



Labour Revolution were assigned to the demolition of an existing brick wall that had started to collapse inwards, becoming increasingly dangerous. Luckily for the client, they hired the right people for the job. Labour Revolution executed the task in great fashion, safely bringing down the wall and disposing of all waste accordingly. Another day, another happy customer.



For the last three weeks, Labour Revolution’s two best demolition labourers have been working on a site in Darling Point. The project is a renovation of the back of a three storey brick house overlooking Sydney Harbour. Over three weeks of work, we’ve completed our section of demolition ahead of schedule. The builder was pleased and so were the boys who got to go home early which saved the client time and money!



Over the past 2 months Labour Revolution assigned two of our best demolition experts to help a client with a renovation of a 1930’s brick home. Our goal was to demolish existing non structural walls,floors and ceilings to make way for a newly build open plan living space and a new balcony. The client was very happy with our guys demolition knowledge and time management skills and will therefore be using us again to help with the completion of the project.



A few months back Labour Revolution were asked to help a client with a 5 storey apartment extension in one of Sydney’s wealthiest suburbs. In the first stages we were assigned to assist our clients carpenters with framework, Cladding, roofing and some finer detailed work. Well we are back this December to help with the next stage of this project including demolition, site cleans and trade assist. The clients were very happy the first time they asked us back and are very grateful for not only supplying hard working labourers but also experienced and versatile labourers with a great level of on site knowledge. We are looking forward to helping with the final stages over the Christmas period.