Sydney's Premier Labour Hire Agency

Labour Revolution is a specialist supplier of labour recruitment to the construction, manufacturing and landscaping industries in Sydney.

We have taken pride in establishing and proving ourselves as a quality over quantity labour hire  agency. We are so confident that if you choose to trial us and you're not happy with the labourer that our agency provides in the first four hours, we move him off site and you will not be charged. We source great casual, general and skilled  labourers who work hard and know the industry. Since our beginning, we have cemented ourselves as one of the leading casual and general labour hire agencies in Sydney & Melbourne while also finding skilled labourer jobs for experienced workers.

Why we are trusted above other Sydney & Melbourne labour recruitment agencies

At Labour Revolution, we partner with a large construction company and, where possible, trial our labourers on their priced jobs to determine work ethic and ability based on feedback. We don’t just hire anyone looking for work, but people with experience in the construction and landscaping industry, among others, and hard workers who meet our high standards.

When you need to turn to a labour hire company in Sydney & Melbourne, call the team who knows how to recruit good labourers, it makes all the difference.

Helping labour companies across Sydney & Melbourne find and keep a trusted team

There’s a reason why we’re the trusted name in labour hire companies, and that’s because we make hiring general and skilled labourers in Sydney easy. Get casual labour hire for a single day or recruit them as a long-term team member. Either way, we’ll take the stress out of the equation. By sourcing the right labourer for the right job, we ensure your business gets what it’s paying for. We’ve all heard horror stories of day labourers who actually slow you down, so don’t risk it. Contact the team at Labour Revolution and you’ll notice the difference in the skills of our labourers straight away. We’ve also got a dedicated team helping with all labour hire in Melbourne’s metro region, so you can find the perfect staff wherever you are.

Looking for work? Labour Revolution is constantly looking for experienced workers with a good attitude. To see what skilled labourer jobs we have available in Sydney & Melbourne please give us a call and we can arrange an interview.

Leave the hard work to us


Labour Revolution has you covered.

Our promise and values

We are confident that you will be happy with our labour recruitment service. So confident in fact that if for any reason you’re not happy within the first four hours of using us, give us a call and we will not change you for the four hours worked!

This is all part of our commitment to providing you with only the most skilled and dedicated labourers, which is what helps us stay ahead of other general labour hire agencies in Sydney.


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